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the city's water. multiple body parts. >>> and later, what is google doing on this barge? the mystery solved, next. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. i'to guard their manhood with trnew depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that's just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at >>> our second story, human body parts found in two water treatment plants. authorities have found the upper torso of a female body in a waste water treatment plant in california, about 20 miles outside of los angeles. this come on the heel of a discovery of human rema
in asia; tapping into google and yahoo's internal networks. new reports on the breadth of n.s.a. surveillance stoke outrage at home and abroad. good evening, i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. also ahead this thursday, iraq's prime st vits washington asking for help to stem a recent spate of bloodshed. >> ifill: and while abraham lincoln is widely revered as the man who kept the union together, a new book looks at his little known legacy as a ground- breaking foreign-policy president. >> lincoln had to deal with a series of crises over the course of his presidency from france, from britain, from spain, even russian ships showed up off the atlantic coast. >> ifill: those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's "pbs newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support
with the first california driver who got cited for wearing google glass behind the wheel. >> reporter: that's right. we talked to the southern california woman today who got the ticket. turns out whether you're driving in san diego or on a busy freeway here in berkeley, it is illegal to drive with google glass. but this southern california driver tells me she had no idea. >> reporter: looks straight out of the jetsons, google glass takes pictures, records video and get messages. it's so useful cecilia used to keep hers on all day even in the car. that is, until a san diego chp officer spotted had. >> he knows it's google glass and started to ask questions specifically asking why, why i was wearing google glass when i was driving. >> reporter: he gave her a $162 ticket for speeding and wearing google glass. she admits google was on her head but says the device was off. >> i started to say, well, this is not illegal, right? and that's when he says, he said, it actually is illegal. >> reporter: and chp in the bay area agrees. officer sam morgan says section 27602 states, to keep drivers from d
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in the transpacific free trade talks. >>> google launches education for students. google started the program jointly with a non profit organization. the company's executive chairman eric schmitt visited a high school tuesday to mark the occasion. >> it's interesting that japan is fourth or so in the world in science education which is great. united states is way low. >> he told the students japan has the potential and technology to be a leader in soft wire development. he encouraged them to study and help each other find a solution when faced with a challenge. students tried out computer programming with the mpo staff using a $30 pc developed in britain. they learned developing skills to make the cats on the screen move freely. >> translator: i've never done computer programming so i assumed it was difficult. when i tried it, it was really fun. >> google plans to make the program available for more than 25,000 children across japan over the next year. >>> the reserve bank of india is trying to combat rising prices in asia's second most popular economy. it decided to raise the key interest rate tuesd
about seizing opportunities. you know, a couple years ago, let's say 2004-2005, google goes public. right away its market capitalization is many times amazon. it kind of looked like jeff selected one office least inspiring business models of the new age. but during that time and e-bay is valued more highly annsome. he refuses to stand still and says to his employees if we're going to get out of this we have to innovate our way out. >> rose: out of what. >> get out of being a low margin business whose employees are fleeing to more resourceful and better capitalized competitors. it's during that time we see the beginning of the cloud business, we see amazon beginning to invent the kindle. so he really, you know, sees these opportunities before a lot of his competitors do. and then pushes his company to achieve them. >> rose: so what makes amazon great? >> you know i would say it starts with jeff. his drive, like bill gates or larry page or steve jobs. he has high standards. the fact he pushes everyone around him to operate at their best. and i think the fact that he's developed a c
denying a "the washington post" report that the agency jecketly broke into the overseas servers of google and yahoo. insisting all information contained from the two internet giants was legal and ordered by the courts and that it was turned over willingly. those claims not sitting too well with yahoo or google. a yahoo spokesman denies the nsa was ever given access to the e data's center and google called the nsa's actions snooping and says the company will continue beefing up encryption security to combat it. >>> iraq's prime minister is in washington this morning looking for help to combat al qaeda. al maliki will meet with president obama at the white house tomorrow and asking for weapons and training and manpower help his country counter a bloody resurgence by a terror organization. five iraqis have been killed by al qaeda attacks since april with 38 suicide bombings in the last month alone. >>> a top secret briefing in washington today on iran. secretary of state john kerry meeting with top senators and expecting to argue with new sanctions on that country. the white house has been
.com/techno. follow contributors on google facebook, twitter and more. >> the group is now saying it won't take part in a second round of peace talks in geneva many. >> thousands of churches across the u.s. held orphan sunday. but the christian movement that encourages adoption is drawing critcism. >> two kenyan runners take top hon others ahonors at the new yy marathon out of a field of 50,000 strong. ♪ >> secretarsecretary of state on kerrkerry is on a nine day tourf the middle east. his trip started with a quick stop th in egypt. during his six hour stay over kerry called for an end to the violence in egypt and for the country to move towards full democracy. >> the first stop u.s. secretary of state john kerry made on his latest trip to the middle east was to the to saudi arabia, but instead to cairo egypt. it's the first highest ranking official visit since july 3 n. that is the stay that the military removed mohammad morsi from his post as president of egypt and placed him under arrest. the us has been anxious about what has been happening in egypt everever since and it was john y to deliver
and where google and apple are going next. >>> hey there, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." here's what's happening now. nearly a year after his defeat in the presidential election, mitt romney is back blasting obama care despite comparisons between that law and romney care in massachusetts. >> why do you reject the comparison, the compliment from president obama this week when he says obama care based on romney care and that's the right way to go? >> well, i think the president failed to learn the lessons that came from the experience in massachusetts. first of all, the massachusetts experience was a state-run plan. the right way to deal with health care reform is not to have a one size fits all plan that's imposed on all the states. >> the current democratic governor of massachusetts, deval patrick, also appeared on "meet the press." here's what he said. >> we've got a rollout problem. it's been, what, three or four weeks? it took us two years to get our website right in massachusetts. now we have virtually universal coverage. i and many others have been saying the presi
of google, eric schmidt is weighing in. speaking out about the nsa snooping and the users of course, he was interviewed in our hong kong bureau. here's what he tout our christi lou stout. >> it's terrible policy. as an example, in the united states, it appears as though, according to the documents, that the national security agency tracked everyone's phone calls. in order to identify 300 suspects. we had to track according to the disclosures, 300 million people's activities. it doesn't seem right. it seems like overreach. over and over again this needs to be organized. there are legitimate uses of this. this is clearly overstep. in this particular case, we assume that there was monitoring between different computer systems. with enkrepgcryptioencryption. we can stop it. >> google is calling this overreach. you're clearly angry about this. >> we are. >> amanpour, they stake their reputations on the ability to safeguard information users here. there are a lot of people who are very upset with what they're learning. is this genuine here? is this genuine backlash we're hearing from world le
hot are google's. >> smart phone? the next cuss five debuted yesterday and sold out. it was announced on a block post. minutes later, it had run out of inventory. >> today's a big day for the auto industry and car lovers. major automakers are releasing monthly sales physician in hours. october sales are expected to be strong. one analyst predicts big numbers from g.m. >> there was speculation they would be the do as well as they did, so you saw a little bump in their stock. when you look at the brand itself, the product purchased, the clock and g.m.c. chevrolet product, could not assumers are buying. their profit margins will probably come out strong at the end of the year. >> lower sales in september, look for rebound in october's numbers. >> i don't want to think about the shopping days. we're smacked in the face everywhere we go. i do want to talk about the government shutdown. did that affect sales? >> a lot say it affected the psychology of buyers. other folks say well, at the same time, everyone knew that a deal would eventually be brokered in washington. interest rates were low
is a marketing center for google glass. either way that's kind of creepy, willie. >> totally creepy. >> don't fully under the story. >> they have a barge in the water and making google stuff in there. >> a difference between the east coast and west coast. you see a floating barge out there you figure it's a tech center. you see something off of long island you figure it's just garbage, right? >> often it is. >> often it is. and trying to figure out a place to dump it. so, speaking of -- >> creepy. >> creepy. >> wow. >> i would say creepy. >> how is your son, he's so cute. >> my son is fantastic. >> like him. >> we don't put him on that want tea cup either. but we don't let him eat kale chips. >> are you the president or ceo of something or other? >> i don't know what. >> north virginia roady club, the elks club. >> i can feel the power sitting one person away from him. >> virginia's governor's race appears to be in the hands of the democrat, terry acall live. "the washington post" poll showing him up on ken cuccinelli the republican attorney general there 51-39, libertarian candidate polli
's a mystery no more. we e the goods on the google bar off treasure island. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's friday, november 1st. i'm michelle,, >>> here's a look at today's e,, forecast in some cities around the country. washington, scattered showers today. atlanta, morning showers. st. louis will be partly sunny with a high of 62. sunny in denver and partly sunny in seattle. >>> here's today's top stories. a severe halloween storm system that rolled through the central u.s. killing at least three people will pound the northeast today. one of the dead is a 9-year-old boy who touched a downed power line in nashville. >>> and the government's health care website has been online for one month now and it got off to a very slow start. only 248 people signed up in the first two days. >>> the west african nation of niger says it will crack down on traffickers after the deaths of 92 migrants. their bodies were found in the saharan desert. their trucks had broken down and they died of thirst. northern niger is a transit port for illegal migrants f
the torture, cruel and unmain treatment of detainees. the chairman of google said it's outrageous if it's true that the nsa spied on its data centers. he has registered complaints with nsa and with president obama. >>> secretary of state john
apple, google and samsung have been cleaning blackberry's clock lately. the company reported a loss of $965 million in the second quarter. >>> that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. see you tomorrow from the garden state with an exclusive behind the scenes look at election day with governor chris christie. i now turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >>> happening now, we have new details on the deadly rampage at the los angeles international airport. police may have been just minutes away from preventing the shooting. should tsa officers now be armed? i will ask california senator dianne feinstein. >>> also, are the 2016 battle lines being drawn? chris christie may be heading for a big win that could boost his white house chances as an influential center. it falls on hillary clinton to launch her own run. >>> and four years after political opposition fueled his plans to try them in new york city, attorney general eric holder says they would be on death row right now. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> right now, we're learning much more about
or not they are using google translator at the cia as opposed to training people in speaking and understanding of arabic. >> it's too big a net. literally knowing what goes on in the countries and understanding language and cultures. >> that's what we should do and that we are not. >> let me ask you about president obama. he walked into office, insisting he'd repair relationships with allies. rick, do you think these making a bigger mess. >> i think he's got an incompetent state department and secretary of state as we saw during the syrian crisis. whatever your point of view was on whether we should or should not hit syria and being wrong-footed by a reporter and set up by putin, who parades as the peacemaker and defender of civil liberties - something doesn't work here. that, to me speaks to incompetence on the part of the barack obama administration. i don't think they have thought these things through. i don't think he thinks through what he says before he said it. >> with the president. >> the arabs - his famous speech in cairo, where he spoke for an opening up. don't forget, he stopped in riad befo
barges started popping up in san francisco's bay and the other in portland, maine. some saying google is behind it. what's even less clear is what's on board those barges. we're going to investigate the possibilities this morning. >> the truth is out there. okay, guys. thanks. >>> a pack of gum may have cost a denver area their car. true story here, but bob and christen monzell, a bear and her two cubs managed to break into the mon zel's car lured by the smell of chewing gum left inside. bob and kristen tell us what happened next. >> i was working in my office, and i came do take a delivery from u.p.s. he asked me what happened to my car because the doors were open. >> my husband called me and said you're not going to believe this, it looks like our car is totaled. >> it looks like it was vandalized and indeed it was. apparently a bear and her two cubs. >> a bear. >> they were able to break into the car but the door apparently closed behind them. this happens very often and trapped the bears inside. the only thing left in one piece. do we have them again, it was bob's favorite pair of
. and down here in what was when google took these pictures a dry creek bed, you saw what that water was doing that that bus there. it was a terrifying afternoon. i just got word, greta, that the parents have now been allowed to come pick those kids up. a harrowing day in douglass, kansas but the kids are okay. >> that's the good news. shep, thank you. more news tonight about obama care. individual lawmakers both republican and democrat making a big decision, whether to put their own staff in the healthcare exchanges or not. so who is and who is not? well, that's the big mystery. you >> well, today is the day each senator and house member having to make a big decision is obama care that's supposed to be good enough for you, the american people, good enough for capitol hill staffers. republican senator john cornyn joins us. nice to see you sir. >> good to see you, greta. >> your staff obama care or no obama care. >> unfortunately obama care as long as it's the law of the land. we had a vote in the last little kerfuffle over the last continuing resolution whether we would eliminate thi
. there is not a chance in the world this would happen at apple, google or microsoft that somebody wouldn't be fired. should there be accountability in the federal government? >> no doubt there should be accountability. anyone who got paid by the taxpayers, whether it is those private contractors who got taxpayer money, whether it's the health agency personnel who got taxpayer money or members of congress who were responsible for the oversight of this plan, everyone should be accountable. the most important thing is making sure we fix the website, not fixate on the website. i hope no one is talking about shutting down somethingwith the health care website because we want to see those young people and older folks access good-quality health care. andrew striker, who is from los angeles, my city, 34 years of age, three hours to get on that website. but what he said is heñr saved $6,000 by getting on this website and getting a new policy. three hours? unacceptable. $6,000 saving? that's what you want to see. >> chris, let me point out one thing. this is a continuation of hearings that we have been doin
's a reasonable time period to take it down. >> so is this why you wrote the other day, "this could make google, facebook, and indeed anyone with a website into a copyright cop"? >> exactly. >> but this is the paradox to me. i mean, as you've just said, stronger copyright and patent protection is the very opposite of free trade. they involve government interference and intervention in the market. they restrict competition. they lead, as you've just said, to higher prices for consumers. how can you describe this as a free-trade agreement? >> i think the free trade idea is what's being used to bully a lot of the countries into it, that if you're not part of this deal you'll somehow be left on the outside. you know, there's a big argument apparently in japan about this right now, that japan is one of the late joiners to the negotiations. and some groups in japan have started objecting. the government's saying, "well, if we don't participate, you know, everybody else will be in and we'll be out." so that's the leverage that america is apparently using to try to get people on board. >> but this is r
to a conference in london via video link. his comments come as youahoo! google, facebook, microsoft and aol unite against nsa spying. they all signed on to a letter urging top senate letters to reform and increase oversight of spying programs. >>> every time we see one of these drug tunnels under the u.s. and members can border, they seem to get more elaborate. this was six football fields long with an electric railroad. they seized cocaine and 17,000 pounds of pot. >>> just when you think you've seen it all, there is this. pumpkins stuffed with cocaine. police in canada say they caught a woman trying to take three pumpkins hollowed out on a plane. upon further inspection they found four and a half pounds of coke inside. >>> lots of bleary-eyed apple fans this morning. they had to get up and get in line early to get their hands on the new ipad air. cnbc's mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. we had one of our producers who took a picture of the line in the very wee hours of the morning. what's going on, mandy? >> yeah, the retail store sales started at 8:00 a.m. this morning and of
with this one, john? jon: i was not. >> i googled it as well. it was a parody and spoofed on mitt romney and barack obama rapping toward each other, two actors poking fun at presidential candidates. jenna: too bad that didn't happen in real life. >> no. i wonder if our president can rap? i haven't seen that. jenna: we'll leave that question to be answered. jon: clearly lady gaga didn't want to shell out for the meat dress budget for this one. this was more down scale award. >> didn't spend money on makeup. wanted to go all natural. she pretended she never took singing lessons. jon is very savvy. jon: that's right, yeah. thanks, julie. >> see ya. jenna: there is new questions following friday's deadly shooting at lax. do security measures need to change at our nation's airports? we're going to speak with a former deputy direct to the tsa, what if anything really should be done in light of what we saw on friday. >>> also as loyal muslim brotherhood supporters push for his freedom, delay in the trial of egypt's ousted president mohammed morsi. the latest from the middle east coming up. [sho
. data and analysis help. it is mostly about diversity. two as i see it -- technology and privacy. google knows a lot more about you and me than the federal government does. do we care about that if their only point is to make sure they know before we do what i want to buy? the other question is more complicated. technology plus threat. in the old days, we could have search warrants. we knew what their phone numbers were. that was the threat. now the threat is much more diffuse. we do not know who we are looking for. we need to do some trolling. how do we do that without violating people's privacy and other rights. that is a big issue. it also has an international dimension. we are doing that trolling abroad as well as at home. we need to work out arrangements with our own public and with our allies and friends and with people who are not always our friends. thank you all. podcast on >> you all did a great job answering questions. >> we will have the live briefing with jay carney once it is underway. president obama will be meeting with iraq he prime minister alba lucky. they ar
communication links that connect yahoo! and google data centers around the world. under something called project muscular which allows the nsa and the british intelligence agency government communications headquarters, or gchq to copy data flows across fiber optic cables to carry information among the data centers of these silicon valley companies. could the panel please explain what the program is about and what impact it has on the programs that are the subject of today's hearing which is to 15 and 702 program? >> i can't address the veracity or lack there of, the details of the article but i think it's worthwhile making a few general points for everybody. even by the terms of the article itself, there's no connection to the 702 or 215 programs that we are here to discuss. i would suggest though that any implication would seem -- and the press coverage of this issue that nsa uses executive order 12333 to undermine our troubled that or get around the foreign intelligence surveillance act which is simply inaccurate. as the panel one oh and as a public should know, fisa is a statute that has part
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)